Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A review of "The Way of Men" by Jack Donovan

It is rare I read a book in only 5 days.  It is also rare that I read or respect a sociology work based on the false premise of evolution.  But this book proved to be a great read and of significant import on my worldview.
Jack is looking at the world in a very basic sociological way - the way of men vs. the way of women.
The Way of Men
  • Warrior
  • Protector
  • Provider
  • Seeks dominance, freedom, and truth/utility.
  • Utilizes Gangs, Survival skills, Fighting skills, Honor, and Mastery
The Way of Women
  • Nurturer
  • Social collaborator
  • Helper
  • Seeks security, predictability, and control.
  • Uses subtlety, seduction, coercion and propaganda.
I think I like this book because of its anti-statist stance.  The state tends to support the way of women because the way of man checks and opposes it's absolute power.
Men work in gangs and the state is just a big and established gang.
Gangs need an us and a them to establish boundaries which the gang protects.
Gangs create stability which allows cultural growth and diversity.
Eventually, a society can grow so secure that the feminine side takes over.
Once this happens sufficiently, men are destroyed by the society that fears them.
We are in this phase in America, and indeed the world, right now.
At some point the state becomes hollow and is more seen as them than us by the average citizen and it begins to collapse.
In the collapse, men reassert into gangs to survive and the cycle repeats.

I dislike that Jack is an atheist and has no moral foundation of absolute truth or authority to draw on for his conclusions.  His observations are however accurate.  Following truth and justice is a manly trait and his model of the cycle of civilization accounts for the falling away from these great things we see.
God sovereignly moves among men and nations.  This factor Jack does not see at all.  We are following biblical prophecy. The monster called "Mystery Babylon" is reaching its global climax and with it the destruction of civilization globally.  The vision of the Nimrodian/Semiramis NWO types is unrealistic and unsustainable, though they would disagree.  They believe a technological world of drugs, computer empowered entertainment, spying, control, and propaganda will afford them the ability to change the nature of man into something sustainably manageable.  If they do get their way, we will see a long dark age of tyranny - but I tend to believe God has other plans.

Jack does give some good advice though.  Men need to get into a gang now.  They need to find men they can trust and that can watch their back.  They need to establish strong relationships with men that are local in preparation for what is inevitably coming - the collapse of civilization as we know it.

I also appreciate his comments on how women control society out of fear of the raw emotional and violent forces of men and the way of men.  Having been through a recent separation with the attendant loss of much of my wealth and the burden of support forever to someone who is returning nothing back has left me with a bitter taste for the way of women and for our society that supports them.  In the raw, in a world without so much social protection and control, women would not be the way they are now and the value of men would be much greater in the eyes of society.

I feel less ashamed of my manly traits now.  Less repulsed at my sexual and competitive drives and more in touch with what I am - a man.  I am also more appreciative of the effect of the way of women on our society, our courts, our laws, our medicine, etc.  This book was a major piece to my worldview puzzle and I will be forever grateful to Jack Donovan and the man that loaned me this book.

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