Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Thoughts on Memorial Day 2016

Thoughts on Memorial Day 2016
I almost didn’t write this.  It was too depressing.  It was so depressing that it might seem like commercializing the holiday.
Many have fallen for the cause of freedom.  These men and women were for the most part innocent casualties of the human condition of sin.  They played a valiant role in a rigged game and for that they should be honored and remembered.
But what the holiday reminds me of is the fact that almost all the wars of the 20th and 21st century were started by false flag operations:
WWI – The Lusitania
WWII – Pearl Harbor
Vietnam – The Gulf of Ton-kin
Since those wars we now enter wars that are simply to support oil interests or other private parties like:
Afghanistan – Control of the opium crop
Korea – Military Industrial Complex weapons sales
The Arab Spring – Control of oil pipelines
Now we are in multi-national global wars:
911 – The mother of all false flags, practiced at OKC, supported by multiple interests for multiple reasons, executed with high tech experimental weaponry for and by the Military Industrial Complex, Used to launch a host of aggressive actions and more wars, Used to justify massive intrusion into our privacy and lives, and the ultimate psy-op leaving so many people so confused that they have completely given up on watching or trying to figure out what is going on.
The men and women that died in all these wars died senselessly in most cases when you know the bigger picture.  They died to make someone money or give someone power.
This is not new but the scale is.
Memorial Day should be the day we shoot a random government official as a payback for playing patsy to special interests hiding in the shadows.  Every single war has been caused by governments, not by the people – but the people pay the price while the shadowy oligarchs, whom we will never know, collect their massive paychecks.  All the blood is being shed with no effect for good.  It is very depressing indeed.
I hate to end on such a negative note.  These men were innocent and courageous and somehow we want to make them heroes simply because they were pawns with no choice and no way out.  We love the underdog.  God forgive us and grant us relief from this perverse generation.  Let us honor the great creator who will somehow make all things new and right and who gives us hope to live through another Memorial Day intact.