Saturday, March 10, 2018

A review of some patriot ideas

I warn you before I ate you
This video is an excellent example of the common-law patriot arguments I have heard for decades.
I have been sympathetic to this message for years but have always had reservations, which is why I still pay my taxes and still have a social security number and am still out of jail.
If you want to view this first, that might be helpful.  It's ok, I'll wait....
Ok now you see that this video introduces a lot of history and new definitions for words we commonly use, especially those involved in commerce.
I have no objection to these ideas but they are just that, ideas.
There is evidence to show that the conclusions of this video are possibly true in that we have actual acts by governments that subjugate the common man to criminal acts by the elite.
But this is not new.  This is how it has been since Nimrod.
The core problem I have with this kind of message is that it is not doing justice nor is it granting mercy.  It is calling for rebellion.

The evils we live with are so deeply entrenched, even into our own subconscious, that it appears impossible to extricate ourselves from it.  Even our justice (Just-Us) system is simply so corrupt that even the best patriots can't break through to truth and justice. (Bob Schultz comes to mind)
But rather than "trust and obey" and wait for God to invoke his wrath and judgment upon the earth, we patriots are determined to "fix" it.  That is not bad if you do it like Schultz does but that is not how much of the patriot fighters generally behave.
This video sites no sources.  It's language comments site no etymologies. It doesn't name names.  It simply presents an argument that we have been enslaved.  It seems to think there is a solution but it does not specify what that might be.
The only way to properly do justice is to present evidence of a crime by someone to a victim before an objective judge that has authority to execute that judgment.  The criminal must be named.
The problem is, we just don't have such a judge to appeal to at this time.

King David said on his death bead (2 Sam 23)

But the godless are like thorns to be thrown away,
    for they tear the hand that touches them.
One must use iron tools to chop them down;
    they will be totally consumed by fire.”

We see that the evil we have to fight with harms anyone that tries to stop them and must be handled with a rod of iron.  This means that the only way to remove this evil from us is in the hands of a benevolent dictator - a righteous king.
This tells me that we will defeat this foe only with the help of Jesus after his second return when He will rule this world with a rod of iron.
I look forward to that day (which may be coming to fruition even now).
All this understanding of the Babylonian system of trickery and slavery we are under cannot be removed by our efforts.  I think it is good to teach the precepts in this video to help people avoid the system as much as possible but realize that rebellion will not free us - it will only make things worse.
We are in the second great captivity and that age is soon to come to an end.  Not by our works but by the will of a much higher authority.

Live honestly and humbly and, with as much justice and mercy as you can muster, wait patiently upon God to fix it all.  Look up for your redemption draws ever closer.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The overwhelming issues we face

The other day I realized that even though I continue to learn new things every day and much faster than I ever did in the past due to resources like search engines and YouTube, I know a smaller percentage of what is known each day due to the rapid rate of overall knowledge growth.

I must admit, I may be done trying to understand this world - it is a hopeless task.

It is easy to just complain about stuff and to create a list of problems the world has that need solving.  It is really hard to fix them.

But the first step is to identify them.

I have always felt I was pretty good at identifying core problems and finding solutions to them.  I am going to attempt that here.

We live in the middle of a huge paradigm shift.  Our society (at least the non-evil subset) I believe is truly trying to solve their problems.  Due to technology advancements, we are now under a huge stress to solve these problems quickly  - before we are all dead.  

Normally things advance generation to generation with the old guard having to die off before the new guard can really move.  Today, we don't have the time for this.  We have probably less than 10 years IMHO before the problems we face will utterly crush us as a civilization. 

But all is not lost!  I believe God is moving in these times and we are coming into a great new world, the millennium in fact, but to get there we are going to have to cross some really rough territory.

For the morose in the audience here are some of the main issues I see a major problems in order of importance:

Lack of Justice
Around the world, the courts are not administering justice but simply facilitating theft and corruption.
Juries no longer have any power
There almost no checks on the judiciary
Lawyers work within a monopoly called the BAR association that creates effectively private law.
Restitution is hardly ever practiced.  Punishment is instead used which extracts wealth into the justice system without really offering a deter ant to crime.
Its corruption is accelerating and the entire system is almost completely non-functional.
The shift to AI
For a long time I was a disbeliever in AI.  I still maintain that it will never replace human creativity but it appears it will replace normal human cognition and logical processing.
AI systems can far out-learn people because their ability to input data far exceeds a person.  Thus they can grow more experienced far faster than men.
This shift will remove almost all jobs for men to do - except fix the AI.  I know when the industrial revolution happened, many feared the same result, but each time we advanced, there became more advanced jobs to do.
I hope I am wrong because what I see coming is the complete dominance of machines over men and soon men will be disposable and slaves.
Global Governance
It has long been a goal of the evil elite to centralize control enough to reduce the population yet preserve the technology so that a very small elite can rule the world.  I think these people are deluded and will lose in the end along with all of us.
What I see happening is a race of controllers against anti-controllers.  The new technology of the internet has briefly given the anti-controllers an edge but once the technology is mature enough, I see a war coming that will simply decimate the population and leave the evil controllers advantaged.
Cultural Stress
These problems and especially the simply overwhelming advancement in technology is driving many people nuts and totally disfunctional.
This is exacerbated by the drug and food companies that are polluting our minds and bods with toxins that are leading to insanity, dysfunction an death.
Education, a tool of the elites for control, is producing people that are so out of tough with reality that the work-force is breaking trying to figure out how to assimilate them.
All these trends are accelerating and feeding themselves.  Our collapsing economy is driving businesses to better exploit their customers and use immoral approaches simply to keep afloat.  
The lack of true individual integrity is driving this engine into the ground of a new dystopia.
How to fix it

Increasingly, from all corners, I am hearing people say "God will have to fix this" and I tend to agree.  Will we see a miraculous coming together of events and people that brings us justice and peace?  That's historically a pretty rare thing to see.  I am hoping God is up to it.