Saturday, May 9, 2009

Principles in Liberty 37

Another talk with Steve Pidgeon

Recorded on 5-8-2009

00:30 Intro01:26 What about this tea party thing steve?
02:06 I'd love to know all the bills my representative voted for that he could not have possibly read.
02:45 New news breaking: Move to change commerce clause case law. Judge Nipolitano
04:10 We are in the complete collapse of federalism.
07:43 The U.S. Government may be completely insolvent.
08:10 The FED system explained
12:00 CA is about to make more cuts to avoid insolvency.
13:50 CA should sue the USG for damages caused by the USG not enforcing its own laws (immigration).
16:00 CA Prop 18 - struck down by the USG.
17:40 What about the 1933 state government reorg Steve?
19:30 WA session - was it never properly admitted to the US as a state? The second WA constitution thing.
24:00 AK mineral rights taken but a fund exists to give back to the people a portion.
25:40 Obama is talking about cutting NASA, Defense, etc.
26:19 Pelosi stimulus package was the last 820 billion we had left.
27:30 Open market manipulation by the USG
29:00 The Asian flu (crash) - what really happened.
37:30 We are now ruralizing - growing food instead of manufacturing goods.
40:16 What about the ecconomic hit-men?
41:00 The absurdity of pledging eminent domain to China.
42:14 The 9 nations of north america
43:10 State Nukehood
43:30 UT could emerge strong due to the mormon church
45:00 The Katrina Belt will rise again.
25:26 France vs Spain - how France won.
46:30 Mineral rights still in Texas
47:20 Boeing may move to Texas
49:17 The republican's tried to hold themselves as being "Moral" and now they are falling by that standard.
51:00 "I am thankful that John McCain wasn't elected"
51:30 Quality Education is killing us.
52:00 New Saint Andrews College
56:30 The probelem with the Bar : Bernadine Dohrn
57:00 Same kind of problem in medicine.
58:00 Music too
01:04:20 Genius in the woods of Alaska
01:06:20 Shut your mouth day.
01:07:00 Law school expelations had to be stopped with the thread of a lawsuit.
01:08:30 Sandys vision for education
01:09:40 The instututions are failing.
01:10:00 Ex: The cure for cancer.
01:12:30 Specialization is rarely useful too early in life.
01:13:40 Integrity and character is what matters
01:15:05 Music is an example of a free market
01:15:40 The critical professional threshold of mastery is how credibility is gained - not by degrees from corrupt institutions/judges.
01:17:22 HR - another example - the first ones to go in bad times.
01:20:10 Moral law vs Choice
01:20:30 The Birthrate Law
01:21:00 Russia paid people to have kids - didn't work.
01:21:20 Russians go without food till they can afford what they want.
01:22:40 Russian Dachas
01:25:20 The two halves of the Koran
01:28:20 Griswold vs Connecticut opened the door to Roe vs Wade. Two concenting adults idea.
01:30:00 Short window to go from condemned homosexuality to full blown pagan culture.
01:31:30 Our moral reproach makes us a lawful target for extinction.01:32:20 Nazis as an example
01:33:20 The new manfactured H1N1 virus.
01:43:20 Vaccinations become another vector for the virus.
01:36:25 Obama blew off the national day of prayer.
01:37:40 Our immorality cannot be sustained. It will destroy us or we will change.
01:38:30 Some simple fixes - make the representative districts smaller
01:39:00 Make the giant counties smaller, especially ones that mix rural and urban centers.
01:40:05 Two tier representation
01:40:40 Pure democracy push is insane
01:41:00 Resource fight is lining up for WWIII - Islamic world is key which is why Obama is in the white house.
01:43:00 The muslim threat to europe - they should see it by now
01:44:15 From a public policy view - abortion must end.

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Roses,WA said...

The future demographics video about the growing Muslim population sounds reminiscent of the growing Catholic population back in the time of JFK. Religious restrictions tend to wear off over generations, even terrorist tactics by the family males and ghetto protection of the Muslim women can't stop it.

But it would speed things up if liberty evangelists invaded and educated the young Muslim women on ways to escape their religious restrictions, and generally, join up with the rest of the American women. :-)